Five FAQs About Our Orlando Meal Delivery Plan

Five FAQs About Our Orlando Meal Delivery Plan

Committing to an Orlando meal delivery plan can seem like an expensive investment. Lucky for you, there are no strings attached when it comes to ordering from us.

Is finding the time to grocery shop and make dinner getting harder and harder? We experienced the same hardship and that inspired us to create an Orlando meal delivery plan that’s convenient and affordable. Here’s how we’re helping families with fully-cooked, wholesome meals delivered all over Central Florida:


1: Is This A Subscription Service?

No, we do not require you to set up a subscription contract that renews week after week. With our Orlando meal delivery plan, you are the chief decision-maker. We’ve designed the process at our customer’s convenience. We give you until Wednesday of each week to place your order of $65 or more to be delivered the following Monday.


2: Do I Get To Pick My Meals?

Yes, with our Orlando meal delivery plan, you have free range to pick which meals sound best. We update our menu weekly, so while we do choose which meals we’re preparing that week, you get to decide which meals and sides you’d like delivered. Our recipes contain ingredients and flavors from various cultures and traditions, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. They’re delivered fresh and never frozen.


3: Can I Customize My Meals?

Yes, you can. If you have a food allergy, or simply dislike an ingredient used in a recipe, we’d prefer for you to tell us so we can make it the way you like. After you add a menu item to your cart (and meet the minimum purchase order), there is an ‘Order notes’ section in checkout that you can use to your advantage. Let us know which menu item you’re referring to and how you’d like to modify it. We do our best to provide a personal experience, so we’re also available by phone if you have any questions.


Orlando Meal Delivery Plan4: Do You Have Vegetarian & Vegan Options?

We have recipes that are tailored to our vegan and vegetarian friends. On our website, you’ll find options for both with one specifically labeled “Firefighter’s Gone Vegan Meals.” When you click on a recipe, you’ll see the ingredients used and the inspiration for which the dish was created. We take great pride in our ability to serve an Orlando meal delivery plan that suits all lifestyles.


5: Do You Offer Free Delivery?

If you live within 15 miles of Orlando, you’re eligible for free delivery! As for now, delivery outside 15 miles and up to 25 miles is a flat delivery fee of $6.00. Because we hand-deliver ourselves, we have to put a limit on travel time to ensure we’re able to make all of our stops.

For more information on our Orlando meal delivery plan options, contact us today or check out our website. Allow us to put dinner on the table next week!


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