What Sets Our Orlando Meal Delivery Service Apart

What Sets Our Orlando Meal Delivery Service Apart

Have you jumped aboard the Orlando meal delivery service trend? We’re bringing new flavors and new cultures to Central Florida–one meal at a time.

As human beings, nutrition is vital to our mental and physical development, but as working professionals, nutrition is often an afterthought due to time and convenience. We’re introducing an Orlando meal delivery service that offers a clean, delicious alternative to cooking and preparing food.


From The Fire Department To The Food Department

As a retired firefighter/paramedic, Robert found a fire in him that was hungry for a new adventure. With the help of his wife and right-hand, Dunya, the two food entrepreneurs opened the Chicago Food Department Co. to better serve their community with clean meal alternatives. After a wildly successful run, they decided to move their family to the foodie-filled town of Orlando, where they rebranded and became the Orlando Food Department Co.

Both Robert and Dunya grew up cooking with their mothers and grandmothers. Dunya, who lived in Iraq, brings unique Middle Eastern flavors to the table, where Robert’s strong suit is his knack for reverse-engineering recipes. They’ve crafted each and every recipe based on their life-experiences and travels. As an Orlando meal delivery service, their goal is to provide your taste buds with cultural influences and exceptional flavors.


Meals Crafted With Scratch-Made Ingredients

Orlando Meal Delivery ServiceOur newfound Orlando meal delivery service only utilizes the freshest and cleanest ingredients to prepare your meals. We source all meats from a local farm, including free-range chicken, and all bread from a local company. Each sauce included is scratch-made to perfectly complement their respective dishes. Our dishes include no preservatives and are never frozen, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

We’ve diligently perfected each recipe to provide our customers with consistent, quality meals. We update our menu weekly for you to choose exactly what you’re interested in. If you have an allergy or dislike, we are happy to personalize your meal to your desire.


Delivered Fresh To Your Door

There is a $65.00 order minimum, which typically covers around 6 to 7 meals a week. Meals come in various portion sizes: Authentic Meals – a large 16-ounce portion, Paleo Meals the recommended 12-ounce portion and let’s not forget our Vegan Meals at 16-ounces, all in microwave-safe containers, whereas sides come in 12-ounce portions. Our food is delivered fresh on Mondays during the time-window given. They come refrigerated for you to eat at your convenience. We recommend eating the meals within the 7-day expiration date, but with ingredients as fresh as ours, you’ll find that the taste on Day 7 is just as flavorful as Day 1.

Our mission is to provide the community with an Orlando meal delivery service that has character and creativity. We believe our flavors are second-to-none. To learn more about our meal options, contact us today! We would love to introduce your palate to flavors you won’t forget!


Firefighter/ OFD Owner


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